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TexasLawHelp.org - Petition for Divorce With Children October 2011 Texas Family Code Titles I and V. District Court And County Court of County Texas Respondent AND IN THE INTEREST OF List children of this marriage who are under 18 1. 2. 3. Original Petition for Divorce Print your answers. Parties My name is. First Middle Last I am the Petitioner. Find this form at www. FreeTexasForms. org in the Divorce in Texas with Children section. 8. Name Change PRINT First 9. Notice to My Spouse Your...
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Get more info... See also Title IV of the Family Code Section 400. Section 4 of Title IV of the Family Code gives the court the option to grant a petition for divorce if one or both parents files a written request stating that they want to divorce. If the request does not specify a reason, the court may grant the divorce without even hearing the request.
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So hi my name is Kristen Lowe we're going to dive right in and get started with the beginning forms that you need to start your divorce process so on my website which is Kristen Lola comm we have quick links and on the far right side we're going to go to commonly used forms so just a hint all the family law forms start with FL standing for family law, and we are going to start at the very beginning with what's called a petition or request for a divorce, and we're going to click right on the link which is petition fl100 now this is a brand new updated form for 2015, and we are going to start right now and at the top this is going to be identical for every single form, or I should say almost every single form that you fill out so get used to this the first thing you're going to put up at top is your name, and you're going to use your full legal name no nicknames you don't have to use a middle name, but you do want to use a full name so in this case we're going to keep it simple we're going to have the petitioners name as John Smith and John lives at 124 Rose Street in San Ramon and you don't actually have to use your own home address because a lot of people are in the transition, and they're moving and that sort of thing so if you would rather use a peel box, or you would rather use your parents address your best friend's address basically we need an address that's going to stay put for the duration of your divorce and let's have San Ramon California and the zip code nine four five eight two the next thing you're going to fill out is a phone number again you can use your cell phone number you can use your home number you can use a work number you basically need to use a number that the court can reach you at, so we're going to use the number, and we're going to pretend it's John's cell phone number so not a 925 number but a four one five number for San Francisco County so four one five let's do four to five seven and if you don't have a fax number you don't have to fill it in and if you don't have an email address, or you don't want to disclose your email address you don't have to do it neither one of those is mandatory then next part though attorney for well you're doing this on your own, so you're something called in pro per the fancy-schmancy word is in profit persona, so either one will work, but we're going to put in pro per which basically lets the court know that you're self represented you don't actually have an attorney except for yourself okay, so we are now in the court of California County of and because John lives in San Ramon he is filing in Contra Costa County and Contra Costa County right now only has one family law Division and that's located in Martinez so all of your filings whether you live in Danville or Alamo or Richmond everything's going to be going to Martinez and the street address there is 751 Pine Street and the mailing address is a little different it's P o box 911 Martinez, so the city is Martinez and of course the...
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This form must be filed at the courthouse to start your divorce case. It tells the Court and your spouse that you want a divorce and states what you want the Court to order in the Final Decree of Divorce. It is sometimes called the “Original Petition” or “Petition.”Jun 17, 2013
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